Smart Home and Business Solutions for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut


iQuarters was founded from an international database design and network administration company.  We’ve always loved the idea of home automation but found that it presented technical issues that consumers would find difficult to resolve.  We saw the opportunity to integrate our 20 years of experience in designing user-friendly IT networks around the globe with the revolutionary home automation market.

That’s why we are the smarter choice. Home Automation is a relatively new technology that is not just installed.  It’s much more than that.  Our experience in networking and programming gives you a system that is safer from hacking and glitches.

In the years that we have been doing Home Automation we have worked directly with designers, contractors, construction companies and home owners over a variety of multimillion dollar projects.  No matter what size, small or large, brand new or a historic building, we have the experience for your project.

We are also certified dealers in many well known names that bring the state of the art quality to your home.  For example, We are certified THX home theater installers, so we are trained to bring the movie theater right to your very own room.  We are Savant Integrators, so we can provide you control over your home theater with your iPhone or other iDevices.  On top of that, we are dealers in top of the line audio companies like KEF and SONOS, enhancing even more your listening pleasure.  These are only a few of the partners we have that we can bring to your home.

iQuarters brings the ingenious design of Savant products and the experience of quality networking right to your very home.  iQuarters will engineer and implement systems designed to address your individual needs and desires.  With our years of experience in construction and computer technologies, we have the ability to meet your requirements. Let us show you!


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