Do you find it difficult to sleep when it’s time for bed?

If so, most of America faces the same problem. In fact, according to a Consumer Reports study some 68% of Americans struggle to fall asleep every week. The reasons are varied. But more and more there has been research focused on our ‘internal clock’, or circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm influences our wake/sleep cycle and is largely affected by the light that our eyes are exposed to, both natural and artificial. The wrong kind of artificial light can throw off our body’s internal clock and make it more difficult to fall asleep at the proper time.

Circadian rhythm lighting is becoming one of the most popular new smart home solutions today. But what is it?

Circadian Lighting

Our bodies work on the sun’s cycle of light color. During the day sunlight is bright and slightly blue. But as the early evening arrives, the sunlight softens and becomes warmer in color. This is what our body expects. But with artificial light, that may not be what our eyes see. You may have heard of the blue light circadian rhythm issue, where blue light from electronics and lightbulbs at night can throw off our body’s sleep cycle.

Circadian lighting helps to solve this artificial light issue in your home. It’s part of a smart home solution, controlling your lighting to match the natural daylight cycle your body expects.

One of the industry’s best smart lighting providers is USAI Lighting. Their stylish LED lights have the wide range of color temperatures needed, from 2200k (warm) to 6000k (blue). They are used in both residential and commercial buildings and integrates flawlessly with Savant’s smart home lighting controls.

Savant Daylight Mode

Savant is a leader in smart home solutions. They can automate a vast array of items, from your lighting, window shades, home theater, and more.

The Savant Daylight Mode feature doesn’t just add convenience but can improve your health. And if you struggle to consistently sleep well, implementing circadian lighting can make a huge difference.

Savant Daylight Mode system feature

Do you feel groggy when the alarm goes off?

Well, with Savant’s automation, the lights in your bedroom can turn on at the desired time to gradually reach a white light that simulates the sun’s awakening rays. This will allow you to awaken naturally, resulting in less morning fatigue. Then in the early evening as you eat in the dining room, the Savant lighting system changes the lighting gradually to a warmer hue, at a lower level to match the sun setting. This signals your body that it is getting time to start winding down.

The circadian lighting system is aware of what phase the sun is at all year, based on your geo-location, and can match it.

Do you need to wake up while it’s still dark? Or go to bed late? That’s ok. You can program the system to match whatever your schedule is. So even though you are going to sleep late, your home’s lighting will be on a cycle that gradually prepares your circadian clock for sleep at the desired time.

Get Your Smart Lighting System

It can be a challenge to know what smart home solution is best for your family’s needs. But our experts can explain how Savant’s circadian lighting controls and other wellness features can not only help you sleep better but make home life more comfortable.

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