We want our clients to enjoy their smart home setup to the full, with as few technical issues as possible. Because of this, we created our ClientCare Service Plans.

These care plans ensure the optimal performance of your smart home equipment through preventative maintenance, software updates, remote support and more. We highly recommend our ClientCare plans. Customers who do pick a care plan quickly find out how helpful they are. So what are the specific benefits?

Free Priority Support

Client Care Plan - Priority Support

Even the best products have a technical issue from time to time. And when you are having an issue with your smart home setup, internet video, or other product, we understand that you want it resolved as soon as possible.

Because of this, all of our ClientCare plans include priority support. In fact, here at iQuarters we even have a dedicated ClientCare manager who regularly monitors the equipment of our care plan customers. This way all software and hardware care and support is thoroughly overseen, and any issues can be quickly addressed.

But most of all, you get FREE support with your service plan! Think of it as insurance for your investment. All plans provide free remote support. We also have plans available that provide additional onsite support and out-of-warranty hardware repairs for free.


  • All plans enjoy FREE remote support
  • Priority customer support
  • Discounts on any future projects with iQuarters
  • ClientCare specialist to oversee your setup
  • Some plans also include free onsite support and out-of-warranty hardware repairs

Performance & Maintenance

Just like maintenance on your vehicle can help prevent larger issues, our ClientCare Service Plans can help prevent issues with your smart home equipment. In fact, customers who have one of our plans have less technical issues and require less support calls. In short, less headaches!

Our performance and maintenance tasks cover a variety of areas. Much of the these tasks can be done via secure, remote software. This keeps any inconveniences to your schedule to a minimum. Support tasks can include modifying your configuration, rebooting automation controllers or cable boxes, and more.

Preventive tasks include things like performing software updates, monitoring the system status, and tracking internet performance. Onsite preventative maintenance is also done from time to time, such as cleaning out any dust in the equipment and ensuring all cabling and connections are in working order. If you have a weekend or vacation home, we can even visit to ensure everything is working prior to your arrival!


  • Remote system monitoring for any possible issues
  • Installation of any new software updates
  • System performance and internet speed monitoring
  • Routine, onsite analysis and cleaning of equipment
  • Reduction of technical supports issues due to preventative maintenance
  • Onsite system checkup available to ensure complete functionality prior to your arrival

Want to learn more about how our ClientCare Service Plans can benefit you personally? Or which plan fits your needs best? Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help!