A non-profit provider of human services to people with disabilities, CRVI (Crystal Run Village Inc) is located in Middletown, New York.

CRVI  needed a number of new technology solutions for their office, including a video conference system, training rooms with audio/video capabilities, and a surveillance system. Those new solutions also required additional network infrastructure.

Read on to see the solutions we implemented to meet their needs.

Video Conference System Installation

For a video conferencing system, we installed ZoomRooms.

Across the office are multiple conference rooms. One or even 2 TVs display the video feed, while a wall-mounted camera picks up the video feed of meeting attendees in that room.

On each conference table is a touch-screen control panel that also serves as a speakerphone and conference microphone.

A touch-screen LCD is wall mounted outside of each conference room. This allows you to easily reserve a room for a future time or see what is currently scheduled or in even in session for that room.

CRVI Conference Room Booking Panel

Training Room Solution

Each company has unique needs when it comes to training rooms. We implemented a number of technologies for CRVI’s technology training rooms.

The training room has two 100″ Planar displays wall mounted at the front of the room. Additional displays are ceiling-mounted. All of these display whatever audio or video the trainer is running off their computer.

CRVI Training Room with TVs & Cameras

Ceiling-mounted speakers provide excellent audio quality, allowing trainees to hear video presentations or even training sessions originating from another training room .

Cameras are mounted to face the front of the room to record the instructor. This allows for the training session to be recorded for future playback or even for live broadcasting the audio and video.

CRVI Training Room Ceiling Speakers Cameras

The Savant Scene app makes preset setups easy to switch between without any technical expertise.  You can even go from 1 room to 3 rooms easily in the app.

The 2nd image shows some of the behind the scenes hardware configuration.

Surveillance System Installation

For the surveillance system, a number of high-resolution cameras were installed. This includes covering the outside premises as well as portions of the interior office space, such as the lobby.

Our techs handled the entire installation from start to finish, including running any necessary wiring to the network closet.

Professional Networking

At times, new equipment also requires installing additional network infrastructure such as running network cables, installing patch panels, and so forth. This was especially true with CRVI’s new training room and surveillance system, with the cameras needing to have new network wiring ran.

But our client didn’t have to worry about finding a vendor to handle these additional networking needs as our techs have years of networking experience. The pictures show the additional patch panels that had to be installed and our very neat structured wiring (something other IT professionals know doesn’t often happen)!

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