GOLFZON – Indoor Home Golf Simulator

Improve your golf game from the comfort of home!

Golfzon is the world’s best selling indoor golf simulator

Have it installed in your home and perfect your game. Or bring additional revenue to your business with Golfzon.

A virtual golf simulator, Golfzon incorporates the latest technology in 3D graphics and sound so you can feel like you’re really there. State-of-the-art sensors accurately place the ball after each swing and putt, with the floor even tilting to adjust for sloping terrain.

With over 30,000 installations, Golfzon is the world’s ultimate indoor golf simulator.

Matt Kuchar Playing Golfzon Indoor Golf Simulator

Golf So Realistic You’ll Forget You’re Indoors

Play, Compete, Share – In Person or Online

Play Your Friends – Then Play the World

Take turns and play one of 8 modes with family, friends and colleagues. Or use the Golfzon Online Service and compete against other players around the world.

Golfzon Play with Friends

Record & Share Your Swing or Stats

Record, playback and perfect your swing. Then share it along with your stats online for your friends.

Golfzon Record Your Swing and Share It Online

The Golf Simulator Professional Golfers Trust

Golfzon is endorsed by several PGA professionals, including PGA champion Matt Kuchar

– watch him explain what Golfzon’s golf simulator is like –

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Putting Golf Indoors


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