What can your curtains do?

Well they can open and close.That’s all they do, yet we have them over every window in the house.

So if your going to buy some…at least get some that can open themselves!

Guys, we all know we have to buy them. Your wife will want them and you probably want them too if your willing to admit it or not.

So imagine this….

Your sitting down with your friends about to begin thimages (4)e game and you need to close the curtains. You press a button on your iPhone and all the draperies in the room close at the same time!

I know…I know.

images (3)


Ladies, you want everyone in the family to wake up! Just set the timer and all the draperies open at 7:oo AM. You win.


Even for conference rooms or businesses they are perfect.

They save on electricity and give a whole new professional look.

So since you have to get them anyway. GET THE BEST FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY OR FOR YOUR BUSSINESS!

Qmotion-LogoQMotion has provided all different styles and colors and materials of draperies that will please everyone. The first and only track-less motorized drapery rod in the market. The real beauty of QMotion Motorized Drapery Rods is what
you don’t notice. They removed the noise, unsightly wires and external
motors, by engineering a sleek and sophisticated, battery-operated
drapery rod. They tucked away the motors within the rod itself, so you
get a simple, elegant aesthetic that’s so easy to install you won’t
believe it’s motorized.

  1. Battery operated, utilizing standard ‘off the shelf’ alkaline batteries
  2. Remote control operation
  3. Integrated manual “Touch Wand Activation” feature
  4. Touch Wand Activation feature can be disabled fromremote
  5. Batteries changeable without removing drapery panels
  6. Minimal space requirement to change batteries (6” from end of finial to adjacent wall)
  7. Optional finial adapter to allow variety of stock.

We can install them and give you discounts by using us! We can also set up each room with other Home Automation products like speakers, lights, heating and A/C, security and more that can make each room an experience!