Controlling Your Jandy Pool with Savant

Have you ever wanted to heat the hot tub to just the right temperature BEFORE you returned home?  Or maybe you’re taking a trip to the weekend home and want the pool heated upon arrival.

iQuarters can make your wish come true.  Recently we connected our customer with their pool and spa using Savant to control the Jandy pool system they had installed.

Want to see what it looks like?  Here’s a couple of screen shots:


Jandy pool

This is the Spa page.  It shows the current temp in the upper left corner.  There’s a slider to the right that allows you to set the desired temperature with one touch.  The middle number is the target temperature.  On the bottom, you can turn the heater off to conserve energy.






Jandy pool

Here is the pool page.  We know the Jandy pool heater is on because the page background turns orange.  Heat is displayed and controlled the same way as with the spa.  Want to turn the falls on or off?  Tap the option on the page.






What do we need to install for this to work?  Well, if you have a Jandy pool system with a one-touch panel and good WiFi, here’s the parts needed:

Savant Host
Jandy pool RS-232 Interface
iQuarters rack and wiring package

If you need a WiFi upgrade, we’re the best.  Our pros have been setting up the fastest and most reliable networks for 20+ years.

We wire the Jandy pool RS-232 interface into the Jandy one-touch panel with three wires. We then connect the other end of the interface to the Savant host.  After some programming from one of our expert Savant professionals, your system is up and running.

Contact us today to connect to your pool from anywhere.