Johnstons Toyota has dealerships in the New Hampton, New York area.

Read on to see our installation of a large video wall and digital signage throughout the dealership.

Video Wall

You might be wondering what a video wall is. At first glance it may appear to be a large LCD screen. However, a video wall is much larger than what would be possible with an LCD.

Simply put, a video wall is the result of a group of tiled displays put together but which act as a single display. This increases the display area and resolution making it easy to increase the scale without reducing image quality. The video wall is then powered by a video wall processor, allowing for fluid video and high-resolution images.

Johnstons Toyota dealership implemented a video wall in the lobby to display promotional information and entertain customers with select television programming. The end result is one which is guaranteed to engage visitors and showcase their professional services.

Although Johnstons Toyota used a video wall primarily for entertainment purposes, there are many other possible uses for the technology. Just a few are:

  • Display engaging presentations to a large audience, including employees
  • Capture the attention of customers with promotional content or a list of services
  • Visualize big data at a high-resolution, such as control rooms
  • Provide entertainment to a large area

Powerful features require powerful software, so we utilized Savant’s robust “smart home” automation software suite. This allows all of the content to be scheduled and fully automated for the dealership’s video wall as well as their digital signage.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an increasingly popular way to display content such as images, video, web pages, list of services and prices, restaurant menus, and so forth. Usually large televisions (LCD displays) are used to deliver this content. Digital signage offers so many more advantages over traditional printed material or signs. For example, content can be more engaging with animations and also be quickly and easily updated.

Because of this, we were happy to provide Johnstons Toyota a digital signage solution throughout the dealership. In places such as the waiting area a number of displays were installed that will broadcast select content. This will vary depending on their current needs, whether it’s to advertise promotions, special financing, services, and more. Select television stations also run, integrating static images with video.

BrightSign is used to control the digital signage. This allows for new marketing layouts to easily be uploaded remotely.

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