LiteTouch Lighting and Savant Lighting Upgrade

With the discontinuation of Savant wired lighting and LiteTouch lighting products, iQuarters is please to present a pain free solution for LiteTouch/Savant lighting to Vantage upgrades.  Here are some highlights:

• No drywall repair – We can use the existing LiteTouch/Savant enclosure to install your system, leaving no need for drywall repair

• Use existing wiring – We are able to use your existing wire, which means no holes or additional cost of new wire

• Simple keypad replacement – replace your LiteTouch keypads with Vantage keypads using existing electrical boxes and wiring

• Keep your existing control system – We are capable of reprogramming your control system to interface with the Vantage lighting solution. We can also provide a Savant automation system for your home so you can control your lights from your mobile device.

Below is a picture showing the Vantage modules installed into the Savant and LiteTouch lighting panels.

LiteTouch Lighting to Vantage








Why Vantage Lighting?

Supported by experience and future compatibility 

• Over 30 years in the industry – Vantage has been providing professional grade lighting control longer than most

• Backed by Legrand – Legrand is a $6 billion corporation operating in 180 countries and is the parent company of Vantage

• Reliability of a wired lighting solution – Your Vantage system will continue to provide the same reliability throughout its life

• Backward compatible solution – For 20 years, Vantage has made our solution backward compatible; so as new products are created, they can be easily added to older projects

• Expandability – Your system can always be expanded with ease using either wired or wireless options

• Future ready – Invest in a system that can grow and adapt as your requirements change

Contact us for a proposal to upgrade your LiteTouch lighting or Savant lighting system today!