If you have LiteTouch then you have no doubt enjoyed it as your lighting controls solution. However, a few years ago the company behind LiteTouch was bought out and now the LiteTouch product line has been discontinued. What does that mean for you?

Well, one of the biggest issues is that parts are no longer in production or stocked. This would pose quite an issue should your LiteTouch system need repairing, or if you wanted to expand the system. In addition, the programming is no longer supported. Really, you don’t want to wait until the system starts to falter before making the switch, so it’s good to start considering an upgrade.

Why Upgrade to Vantage?

Vantage is backed by a multi-billion dollar parent company, part of the Legrand family product line. This adds stability to the product and makes it a more reliable option looking years into the future.

The upgrade process from LiteTouch to Vantage is more cost effective compared to other solutions. For example, LiteTouch keypads used a 3-wire cable. A number of other options currently use a 4-wire cable. This would require replacing the wiring in your walls, substantially raising labor costs and becoming a major renovation. But Vantage only uses a 2-wire cable, allowing you to use your existing wiring. Simply disconnect the old LiteTouch keypads and modules and then attach the new Vantage ones!

Because of the simplicity, we can give you a very accurate estimate for the Vantage upgrade. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to spending money, so the simple upgrade process makes this upgrade easier to budget for.

To provide you a quote, all we need is:
1.  Pictures of the enclosures
2.  The number of keypads that you have

Upgrading – What to Expect

LiteTouch to Vantage Upgrade - EnclosuresBefore ordering the new Vantage keypads, we will discuss with how you want them engraved. This is a great time to consolidate buttons and name them what you would like. Outside of these decisions, the upgrade process is quite simple.

Our technicians will:
1. Document which wires control which lights
2. Replace all keypads with the Vantage keypads
3. Program the Vantage system
4. Test all programming

An electrician will need to:
1. Remove all LiteTouch modules
2. Install Vantage modules
3. Connect all loads based on our engineering documents
4. Connect keypad wires to the controller

New Features to Enjoy

Vantage Equinox AppLEDs offer a substantial energy savings over traditional lighting. The new Vantage Universal Dimming Modules are compatible with many LEDs so you can start getting a return on your investment immediately.

The new Vantage lighting system also has the ability to use the Equinox App, which is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. This offers the ultimate in mobility, allowing you to conveniently control your home’s lighting whether from another room or another country.

Enhance Your System

Savant Home Automation App ScreensEnhance your setup with an automation system not just for your lighting, but also your home audio and theater, shading, HVAC, security, and more. Want to turn your lights off with your voice? Automate your shades to open in the morning and close at night?  Or control music for the entire house?

The Savant Pro system can do all of these things and more. Learn more about Savant home automation and ask us how to integrate all of these systems into one single app.