We just finished upgrading this beautiful 15,ooo square foot castle into a smart home paradise! Here is an overview of what we did:

  • Savant Automation
  • Audio distribution to 15 zones
  • 4K video distribution to 10 zones
  • Custom sized and color matched interior James Loudspeakers
  • Professional wired and wireless network to cover the whole property
  • Fiber optics connecting gate and outside buildings to the main residence
  • Advanced 360 degree cameras for day and night surveillance
  • Luxury landscape speaker system in the pool area

Smart Home Audio

We created an audio network of 15 different zones to provide a completely immersive and seamless audio experience.

James Loudspeaker provided customized interior speakers that matched the size, and most importantly, the color needed for each room. This varied from an oak brown color in the study, to a mint green in the living room. Few manufacturers can provide speakers in any color like James Loudspeaker.

See the images below for how well the speakers blend in. They are barely visible! (HINT: In the study they are on a shelf on both sides)

Along with the interior speakers, we also installed outside speakers along the house and in the pool area.

The landscape speaker system is a robust setup designed to be durable while providing excellent audio fidelity and volume. A subterranean subwoofer was even installed by the pool to add base that literally makes the ground shake! The luxury landscape speakers are also from James Loudspeaker.

Smart Home Video

Crystal clear 4k video was set up to stream to 10 different screens. Combined with the Savant mobile app, both the video and audio can easily be controlled and automated, regardless of where in the house you are.

Along with video distribution, we installed 360 degree security cameras on the premises. These cameras were integrated into the other Savant smart home video and audio products for a completely inclusive solution.

360 degree security cameras integrated

The security camera is the white circle near the center top

Smart Home Network

Of course, to have music playing in every room, a movie viewable throughout the house, and security cameras all require a substantial amount of behind the scenes work!

Piping along with with fiber optic and network cables ran alongside the exterior house wall

Piping along the wall (bottom) for network cables

If you look closely in the picture above, you will see that we ran a series of pipes flush against the house. These were picked to ensure their color matched the exterior nicely, while both protecting and concealing the network cables that were ran.

External wireless router attached to a tree outside

A robust wireless network was also implemented to handle other audio/video devices where running network cables was not necessary or feasible.

Rack with audio video equipment

Audio/Video Equipment Rack

And here is the audio/video backbone, handling all of the speakers, TVs, cameras and more. All wires neatly terminate into a rack, keeping the equipment safely off the floor and well ventilated.

To keep all of this high-tech equipment safe, we used Surgex equipment to filter the electrical input and protect it from spikes. We also regularly maintain the equipment and monitor internet speeds using remote software tools.

Whether your house is a castle or an apartment, we can turn your home into a smart home!

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