This luxury Manhattan apartment is also now a luxury smart home. Here is an overview of what we did:

  • Savant Automation
  • Kaleidescape movie server
  • Vantage Smart RF Lighting
  • Top mount sound bars for TVs
  • Audio and Video distribution to 8 zones
  • Climate control through Savant thermosats
  • Custom sized and colored James Loudspeakers
  • Customer has “welcome home” and “goodbye” scenes, among others, to coordinate lighting, music, climate control with one touch

Smart Home Audio

A variety of different sized speakers were implemented in this apartment. As seen from the pictures, the size, mounting method, and color all vary.

Each of the speakers is a custom model from James Loudspeaker, a company specializing in quality speakers in custom colors and styles. This allows us to provide a solution that seamlessly blends into the room’s existing decor.

For example, in the first picture below 2 white speakers blend into the wall above the door frame and wall light. No wires are seen.

We pride ourselves on creating uniquely personal solutions for our customers. For this customer, in the same room as the fireplace and the 2 large tower speakers, we also connected their turntable to the audio system.

In another situation, a subwoofer was desired for the master bedroom. To not waste space we installed a slim sub under the bed.

Manhatten Smart Home - Turntable

Turntable connected to the home audio system

Smart Home Video

Crisp 4k video was set up to stream to their several TVs, offering a seamless experience across the house. To fit with this customer’s existing furniture and layout, speaker bars were used for the audio.

But 4k video and great audio, on their own, don’t make it a smart home. What does is how it all integrates and is controlled from a single device…

Smart Controls

Of course, all of these slick features are made all the better with powerful and user-friendly controls. The Savant mobile app is the master control over everything. From it this customer can easily control:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Climate control

Imagine sitting on your couch with a drink, and from your smartphone or tablet dimming the lights, adjusting the temperature, playing some music, and then switching on the TV.

For this particular setup, we created a number of Savant scenes, including “Welcome Home” and “Goodbye”. The Welcome Home preset, for example, turns on lights, adjusts the temperature (cooler in summer, warmer in winter), and plays some relaxing tunes throughout the house.

Savant Mobile App

The Savant Mobile App

Manhatten Smart Home - Savant Control Panel

Vantage Lighting Control Panel

The Vantage lighting control panel above also provides a quick way to set the all the lighting in a room. A “high”, “medium” and “low” setting provides the customer with preset variable lighting.

Behind The Scenes

All of the smart home automation and controls are powered from the audio/video equipment here, neatly and safely stored in an equipment rack. In addition, we ran the necessary network cables throughout the house and installed a robust wireless network.

Keeping all of this high-tech equipment safe and running optimally is equally as important as the initial installation. Because of this, all of the electronics we install run off Surgex equipment to filter the electrical input and protect it from spikes. We also regularly maintain the equipment and monitor internet speeds using remote software tools.

Manhatten Smart Home - Server Rack

Equipment rack

Our techs work hard to provide a complete smart home solution from conception to integration, and that every part of the installation blends into your existing home decor nicely.

Whether your house is an apartment or a mansion, we can turn your home into a smart home!

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