This luxury rural home has been outfitted to also be a smart home! Here is an overview of what we did:

  • Savant Automation
  • Outdoor pool sound system with burial subwoofer
  • Savant climate control integrated with their Bacnet controlled HVAC
  • Lighting control using Savant Metropolitan Wi-Fi keypads and rockers
  • Custom colored speakers from James Loudspeaker in 4 zones

Poolside Paradise

Remember the days when you would bring a boombox out by the pool? Or for the more permanent setup, those rock-shaped speakers?

The customer’s new landscape speakers integrated with the Savant system take the poolside experience to another level of convenience and comfort. We used a combination of custom colored speakers to match their surroundings. For example, a lighter color to blend into the rocks and a dark green for the speaker we installed with the shrubbery.

Rural Smart Home - Poolside Audio Paradise

Hidden speakers for a poolside paradise!

These speakers are from James Loudspeaker. But they were picked not just for their visual appeal and custom color options, but also for their excellent audio quality. Even though outdoors, these speakers provide clear audio that is easy to hear.

We also installed (or buried to be more specific) a subwoofer, hidden nicely with their landscaping. This will give that extra punch especially when playing music.

Rural Smart Home - Custom Colored Speaker to blend into the rocks

Custom colored speaker from James Loudspeaker

Rural Smart Home - Buried Subwoofer By Poolside

Buried subwoofer for the ultimate (hidden!) base

Smart Home Audio

Their existing sound equipment was integrated into their new Savant home automation setup. This allows them to control the home audio from their Savant app.

Rural Smart Home - Savant connected to their audio system

If you have read other Customer Profile articles, you have no doubt seen how often we use James Loudspeaker. Along with the poolside speakers, here is another custom colored speaker from them. As always, our customers are impressed with how well the colors match the walls!

Rural Smart Home - Custom Color Speakers

Savant Lighting & Climate Control

14 of Savant’s Metropolitan light controls were installed (some shown in the picture below). In addition to using the control pad to adjust the lighting, Savant’s mobile app allows them to be remotely controlled or even automated.

So whether they are leaving the house, just arriving, or setting the mood for guests Savant makes smart home lighting effortless.

Rural Smart Home - Savant Metropolitan Controls

Savant Metropolitan Controls for lighting

Whether you have a house in the countryside or a condo in the big city, we can turn your home into a smart home!

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