You want to have that sound automation throughout your house for a reasonable price. Savant revolutionizing the market to make home automation available to everyone with a little to spare.

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Imagine Spotify or Pandora in the exercise room, your favorite iTunes podcast in the office or soothing spa music in the bathroom. Die and go to sport heaven by streaming up to nine HD video sources, like NFL, March Madness, or college football, on one screen! Watch the news as you put on your makeup with an HD LED TV screen on your vanity mirror or any mirror in the house! Don’t mess up your lipstick.


Then we come in. We can provide you with the installation and the right speakers to complete this audio paradise.

Most anyone can install in-wall and in-ceiling speakers but you want a speaker to imitate the sound of a musical instrument being played right in front of you. Our invisible speakers provide a dispersion pattern of 170 degrees requiring fewer speakers that hit you just right. WE even seal the backs of the speakers keeping the music where it’s supposed to be. Did I mention they’re INVISIBLE!

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