Savant is one of the biggest players in the smart home automation market. They provide sales and support through local dealers across the nation.

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Savant is especially known for their world-class user experience that is always intuitive and sure to impress. They're a great fit for consumers with a mid to high-level budget.

What features does Savant offer and is it right for you?


Savant let's you seamlessly integrate and automate nearly all aspects of your home, from lighting and shades to security and home theater.

Check out their brief video highlighting the experience.

As the video showed, nearly anything can be automated. For example, when you leave the house Savant can be programmed to lower the motorized shades, turn off the lights, raise the thermostat, lock the doors, and arm the security system. All with a single button.

A list of systems you can control and automate with Savant:

Lighting & Shades

Some features include: preset scenes, schedules for lighting/shades, customizable lightbulbs with millions of colors, and sleek lighting wall controls.

Wifi enabled wall controls for the lights make upgrading an existing home easy, as no new wiring is required.

The lighting customization Savant provides in their app is outstanding and easily beats out all competitors in the smart home market. You take a picture of your room and then tap on each light in the picture to control it!

Home Theater & Audio

Savant does not disappoint with home theater or audio/video integration throughout the house.

For you audiophiles, Savant supports IP audio (over ethernet) which delivers 100% lossless, pristine audio even over long distances in your home. They also can provide speakers with custom grills to fit your decor.

IP video is also supported, which allows for both small and large-scale video distribution with integrated controls.

Of course, what makes everything so seamless is how easy it it to control the audio/video throughout your house, both with their mobile app or their X2 remote control.

Savant Smart Audio Remote Control & Mobile App

The Savant Pro Remote X2 is simply gorgeous, combining customizable buttons with a touch-screen and voice commands. The remote can handle multiple user profiles, so each user can have the remote configured to their needs.

Home Security

Through the app you can view camera feeds and video doorbells, speak over an intercom, arm/disarm the system, lock/unlock doors, open the garage door, and more.

Savant has 3 levels of security access for a user, which gives you greater control over who has access to do what. This is a great feature if you have workers, staff, or friends that you may need to grant a level of access to.

A Man is arming his Security System with the Savant Mobile App

Energy Management

Unlike their smart home competitors, Savant has an entire market segment they also cover called Savant Power. It brings your home’s electrical system into the 21st century.

What does it do? Savant's power panels allow for energy monitoring, optimization, and energy grid independence when combined with home solar and a battery solution. Your entire home’s electrical panel and system can now be easily controlled through a Savant app.

Why is it helpful? Well, energy efficiency is a big cost saver for a larger house. Not only with newly built homes but even with existing homes, greater efficiency pays for itself over time. This is especially true if you’re looking to have a more energy sustainable home, integrating solar power.


Savant is a premium product. There are home automation solutions that you can buy online and install yourself for a fraction of the price. But those DIY solutions won't interface with all your home devices nor provide the polished user experience that Savant does.

Savant removes all of that hassle and elevates the experience. So you get what you pay for.

The total cost of Savant varies greatly based on the size of your house and features needed. For example, a high-end home theater with audio playback in every room will cost substantially more than just using Savant for your home's lighting and shades.

Check out this smart home calculator if you'd like a ballpark price for your project.


We've been installing and supporting Savant systems for years and our customers always love it.

Reasons to choose Savant:

  • Polished and intuitive user interface
  • All of your home's devices under one app
  • Automation and presets save time and add convenience
  • High-end home theater and audio solutions
  • Save money and get your home closer to being net-zero energy if also adding Savant Power management

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