Ever seen anything like this before on your kitchen table? This was a real note left for a husband before leaving on a trip.  Check out #4…

controllerblog1…“Make TV instructions for girls.”

C’mon, just admit it. We have all been there. That one embarrassing moment when your kids are teaching you how to work the controller thingy! That moment when your arrogant husband gets a reason to get the remote because you couldn’t figure it out! That moment when you can’t see that tiny “guide” button anymore and you don’t want your wife or kids to notice.

I say it’s time we figure out how to record The Big Bang theory by ourselves! Time to figure out how the heck we can watch the Golden Globes and the Playoffs! I say it’s time we have a controller that we can read and it doesn’t look like an airplane cockpit!

Well I’m glad to inform you that there is!


You can use your iPhone right? Then you CAN do it because it IS your iPhone! Using an apple-style interface, this controller takes the “U” and “I” in “user friendly”…..wait…..

This controller puts the “us” in user friendly….wait…

This controller puts the……nevermind….This controller is amazing.

Entertainment is at your fingertips (DVD, PROJECTOR, CABLE, DVR, MUSIC, WHATEVER) all on the same easy to read surface of your own iPod, iPad or iPhone. If you know how to use those iTems (see how I did that) then you can change the channel, spilt the screen, switch from cable to the Blue-ray player.  “Make TV Instructions”…DONE, back to the couch.

You can even control everything in your house from that same iDevice! You can dim the lights, close the shades, turn on the heat and much more.

No need to look for anything.  No need to move at all. The controller is always with you.








You can even check the outside of your house on your security cameras!









Go ahead…Pinch yourself, I won’t say anything.

Here at iQuarters we can make it all come true. Contact us to see how!