You’ve seen the commercials. The ones where the guy is so excited that he can stream the big game to his smartphone. Maybe you’ve done that before while grilling out on your patio, or relaxing in the pool. But now there’s more to be excited about than the big game on the small screen.

This customer profile showcases how outdoor entertainment should be! We installed a sun and weather proof HDTV from Sunbrite, and quality outdoor speakers from James Loudspeaker. Now this customer grills while watching the game on the big screen, relaxes in the hot tub while watching a movie, and sitting by the fire to some of his favorite music!


Many may not realize it, but there are a number of quality TV models available today for the outdoors. They come in all sizes (32″ up to 84″) and many styles, and can even be mounted to a wall. These TVs not only have same level of visual quality and clarity, but are also bright enough to be viewed in the sunlight and are waterproof, should it rain or your cannonball into the pool splashes water all over the TV.

For our customer here, we installed a 46″ Sunbrite Signature HDTV. Along with being able to withstand rain, the Sunbrite TV can operate in temperatures ranging from -24 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

With outdoor TVs, one of the issues can be running an HDMI cable that far. But we used the Sunbrite Wireless Transceiver to send an HDMI signal from their cable box to the outdoor TV. No messy wires! The video below highlights a number of the features our customer now enjoys.

Other outdoor TV brands are available, providing even more options in size, brightness, and style. One that we really like is Seura’s Storm series. They offer 4K ultra high-definition TVs up to 84″, with some of the best brightness levelness available in the industry.


We’ve written before about why we love James Loudspeaker speakers so much. But hey, you can never show too much love. And now our customer loves them as much as we do!

A number of outdoor speaker brands are available on the market. And several of them have good audio quality. But we just love how these outdoor speakers not only SOUND great, but LOOK great too. Take a look at some of the photos below. The All-Terrain series speakers blend in nicely with the landscaping. Can you spot them by the fireplace? And the subwoofer? We buried it! Yep, those fake rock speakers are a thing of the past!

We got the All-Terrain speakers in Satin White and Satin Black for this project. But they come in a variety of colors to match any landscaping or design that is needed.

Are you ready to turn your back yard into an outdoor entertainment paradise? Contact us and find out what we can do for you!