Calm down! Get a hold of yourself! I know it’s hard but try and act professional!

It’s here and I’ll just cut to the chase. A new and affordable home automation system.  What is home automation? You have seen it. You know, when Eva Mendes controls the lights and music in Will Smith’s apartment in Hitch

Or in that other movie where the rich kid controls every inch of his ridiculously fancy mansion by pressing a few buttons? Still don’t know what I’m talking about?   It’s when you control your entire home, the music, lights, a/c, heat, T.V., security cameras, home theater and even the drapes on your windows with a touch of your hand.  It’s the fastest growing movement in home improvement that we’ve seen in decades. Everyone who gets it loves it. It’s like when televisions hit the market.   No one said “Take it back. I don’t like having free and easy entertainment in my house!.”  It was a step forward and it changed the future.

You may be thinking…yeah, but the problem is….it’s too expensive.  Well I’ve also had the same sad experience of seeing everything these systems can do and thinking I’ll never being able to afford one myself….TILL NOW!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

Excuse me.


 faviconQMDiningRoommodern interior design (privat apartment 3d rendering)QMBoardroom

iQuarters works with the best company for home automation products. Savant  has made a line of products that has reduced the price of these smart systems to 1,000 dollars a room! I know that may still sound high but imagine what you can do!We can use or install existing Wi-Fi home networks as the center of the smart home, enabling monitoring of security systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, remote video access, smart thermostats, energy monitoring and complete management of media and entertainment equipment, all from a single intuitive app. I mean all of it…from an iPhone or an iPad.



Home automation control iPad

 For example, you are on your way home from work and the sun is blazing hot and you know the house will be hot as an oven when you get there.  You couldn’t leave the AC on all day, it’s too expensive.  What do you do? Use your app to turn on the A/C and close the drapes to the house!

Want to listen to music throughout your house except iniQuarters-iphone-icon1 your master because you don’t want to wake your significant other?  No problem. You can set up each individual room with your iPhone.

You’re heading on a cruise and want to make sure the outside lights are on and everything is locked but you need to keep iQuarters-ipad-logo-home automation control appyour pet fish Sam and Susie nice and comfortable for a few hours every day.  So turn everything on and off from your cabin room.  Use your iPad, before you head out to Catalina Island and enjoy the day feeling safe and in control. I am literally just hitting the tip of the iceberg!

So OK, if you are interested in home automation and if you are watching your budget…

Call us. We can start out with coffee.  Not a date …. just coffee.