A smart home setup is cutting edge technology, finely tuned and configured to fit your exact needs. It’s also a considerable investment.

Outside equipment like cameras, satellite dishes, Wi-Fi access points, and incoming cable lines can destroy a whole rack of equipment. That won’t happen, though, when our techs install your system. Protecting your investment is important to us, so we always integrate SurgeX to provide power protection, and usually TPD equipment to provide line protection.

But how does the SurgeX and TPD equipment work?

SurgeX Power Protection

Not all smart home setups are the same, so the hardware needed to protect a system varies. But there are some basics that are installed with most systems. We use a number of products from SurgeX, a leading provider in power protection solutions.

Battery Backup

The SurgeX Standalone UPS is a commercial-grade battery backup.

“UPS” stands for “uninterruptible power supply”. Basically, in the event of a power loss the SurgeX battery automatically kicks on and fills the gap in electricity. This keeps your system running without any downtime due to power issues. Equally important, it helps to protect the equipment from any damage due to a sudden power loss.

If you have a generator, even in the event of a longer power outage the UPS can fill the gap until the generator can take over.

Power Conditioning

SurgeX Rack Mount - Power ConditioningThe SurgeX Rack Mount conditions, or filters, the electricity for your equipment. 

It does this by removing the electrical surges and spikes that are common, providing a consistent electrical current. The Rack Mount also offers overload protection.

This kind of protection is essential to sensitive and expensive electronics. Electrical surges can shorten the lifespan of your electronics, or even suddenly destroy them. These issues are resolved with the SurgeX Rack Mount.

Along with protecting your investment, power conditioning improves the audio and video quality of your smart home equipment. It really is a basic part of any smart home setup!

Branch Circuit Protection

SurgeX Branch CircuitThe SurgeX Branch Circuit conditions the electricity at the service panel, versus from the outlet.

This provides many of the same features as the SurgeX Rack Mount discussed above. For example, it protects from surges and spikes and conditions the electrical current for a consistent output.

However, this is a much more advanced solution since it does so at the service panel, providing protection to all electrical outlets. For most customers, the Rack Mount provides the localized protection needed for select equipment. But our techs are experienced in implementing even more comprehensive solutions like this, if needed.

TPD Line Protection

We also use a number of solutions from TPD to protect the electricity coming in from other electronic devices.

For example, outside devices like satellite dishes and security cameras could carry an electrical surge over their cabling into the smart home equipment rack. This poses a threat to the entire system.

To guard against this threat, we install TPD line protectors on the coaxial (usually from a satellite dish) and Ethernet lines. This way, regardless of where the threat originates, your investment is kept safe!

With iQuarters, we promise to protect your investment. What may seem like an additional cost at first will actually save money over time. With the SurgeX and TPD equipment you can have the peace of mind that your investment is in good hands.

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